July 27, 2008


Ever hear of Clomid? Clomid is typically used to help induce ovulation in WOMEN, usually for when we are trying to get prego (my word for Pregnant). Ive actually taken it myself before for 3 months...Clomid has some crazy side effects if you are lucky enough (yea right!). So the first month, I had serious depression for a day. The second month I was just irritable for a good week. The third month, I had *Hot Flashes*. I now know what women feel like going through menopause. Not fun after the first day.

Now here's the funny thing...my husband now has Super Sperm! Or at least we are hoping so. He gets to experience Clomid himself. He's dealt so well with my off the wall moods over the past 8 months and now he gets to experience some of the fun himself. He's take 1/2 pill 1x a day for 25 days, then off for 5 days and start again, a process for 3 months. What are his side effects...well he has occasional sensitivity issues. He's a relatively sensitive guy but now its hit home. He even wanted to cry at Church last week. Well being a man, he shrugged it off.

So I get to start my own Clomid in about 2 weeks (pending my "friend") and all I can say is that it is going to be interesting to have 2 crazy people in the house. Ahh, the pains that we share in to make a baby!

July 25, 2008

It Should Only Take Two

So...my friend Jenn and I are writing this blog together. We've decided to start a mutual blog as, lucky us, we get to go through Infertility at the same time. So we are introducing ourselves as we begin our fun blogs of the trials and tribulations of making a baby. We will both post individually and like tonight, together.

Jenn and I have been friends since we were 16...so thats 12 years ago. Now that we are both married (I met my husband Chris at their wedding) and ready to start a family, we find that its much harder than you would have ever thought. Some people are lucky, and get there in the first try, others like us, are not so lucky (yet).

I'm (Nicole) about two weeks away from starting my first round of IUI, or Artificial Insemenation. Now that we are getting closer, it is actually scary. Its like we are really starting the process after 18 months of trying and have the potential for a little one within the next month or so. But we are ready to get this show on the road and work on getting pregnant the new fashion way...with the help of an RE, a nurse, a tech and more.

So I just wanted to say hi and let you know my story...more to come...believe me it helps to vent!

July 20, 2008

First Post

So I first posted on the topic of trying to conceive on my myspace page. It was a very frustrating day and I had to vent alot, hence the need for something quick to access. Since then there have been moments where I need to get things out, but I just don't want to keep using that page for that purpose. So I decided to create my own blog! Cause I know that the world needs one more person's opinion out there on the web. Plus it seems like everybody else is doing it, so why not right? I don't really care if anybody else cares about what I'm thinking, but if there are those out there, please feel free to share your thoughts.

So over the last 18 months my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. To date, we have not exactly been successful. Within the last week we had our first visit to a reproductive medicine specialist (the nice words for infertility). To start with the placement of the satellite office we went to was well... odd... it was right next to a pediatrician's office. I mean really? Really?? Ok - so my initial thought was not "well that's a dumb idea", initially it was well, I guess once you're done in this office you can start going next door for all your kiddie needs... just need to get an OB inthat complex and its a one stop shopping for all stages of your reproductive life. However, after sitting in the waiting room for about 30 minutes (it felt like an hour) and watching about 20 (ok probably only about 5) babies go by I started to think that it probably wasn't the best placement of offices. I mean, we're only in stage one and really haven't been too psycho about the whole bit until the last month or so. I can't imagine some people that I've run into that have been charting and peeing on sticks every month for the last two years and having to sit and watch that all parade past.

Which leads me to another thought that crossed my mind earlier today. Couples, and particularily women who are actually trying to get pregnant get kind of a bad rap for being "obsessive" about the whole thing. I personally believe that I have been so not obsessive its not even funny... I mean I do pay a little attention of when I could possibly get pregnant but I don't announce it to the hubby, I've only taken four pregnancy tests in the last 18 months, I've only actually charted three months of temperatures (intermittently) and only done two months worth of ovulation tests. I would say that's pretty low key, but yet I still get told that I should relax and just enjoy the process... Which up until lately I've been able to ignore that incredibly useless line that is supposed to make me feel better but flops horribly.

Until you've been through this do not tell somebody who is trying to get knocked up to relax. I have yet to hear "Just Relax" from anybody who has actively tried to get pregnant, I hear it from people who haven't started trying all the time though - and they've got lots of stories for me to listen to about how they know people who have been trying for years and then the minute they stop they get pregnant. Really?? I find that hard to believe that all of a sudden after years of trying just relaxing is what does it. Somehow I think there's more to it than that. Granted I'll give it to you that being relaxed is good, but when that's not enough, additional measures sometimes need to be taken.

But back to my original topic that women who are trying to conceive get a bad rap. Now that we've been to a doctor, I have things that I have to do. I have been told specifically by my doctor I need to 1) take my temperature every morning and right it down and 2)take an ovulation predictor test every morning. This is on top of all of the diagnostic tests that are going to be done over the next month or so. So - all the things that people classify as obsessive are things that I have be DIRECTED to do so by my doctor. So I am proud to say I have now become obsessive. :)