February 11, 2009

I'm a little bit hopeful

I'm feeling a little bit hopeful, a few parts numb, and largely very nervous. As you know (if you are a loyal reader) today was midcycle ultrasound day. Whooo! Another visit with the vag cam. Good times right?

I've been feeling a little uncomfortable for the last day or so in the lower abdominal region and I personally think more puffy than usual. Today's scan definitely confirmed why I feel that way. Picture this - laying on the table, I've got two nurses egg hunting in my insides. I'm getting pretty good at understanding what they're seeing on the ultrasound. Big black blobs = follicle = good! So first glance at the right side there's three... oh wait... there's four... um... five, six??? I'm getting a little nervous at this point because I know there's a point where they cut off and will cancel a cycle. And the sizes all sortof look the same (16-18mm). Then they shifted to the left side and found two more over there!

So I'm a little excited at this point, good excited because I definitely responded to the clomid (guess it needed to build up in my system??) but bad excited because I'm a little scared of what this could all mean.

Thankfully we are not cancelling the cycle. Once they were all done Easter Egg hunting in my ovaries they calculated out the current size and what they will go to if we trigger tomorrow. It looks like we will have six (gulp!) mature follicles to work with. I'm triggering tomorrow at midnight (bleh!) and then we're scheduled for the FSP (IUI) on Saturday morning.

I know this still doesn't mean that anything will work at all, but I will admit I am very very nervous about the possibilities (the multiples part, not that we could get pregnant part - that is the goal after all!). I think that we will get lucky if we have one out of this pile just because there doesn't seem to be a real strong magnet between my eggs and dh's swimmers up to this point.

Provided I don't surge tomorrow it looks like we'll have a pretty well timed FSP happening.

Like I said - I'm feeling a little mixed - excited but kindof scared at the same time. Is that normal/ok?


WhatAboutNovember said...

Yes. I hope everything goes well!

Sarah said...

Of course its normal, and more than okay!

I have high hopes for you with this cycle!

Sarah said...

OMG! I just realized the IUI will be on Saturday. THIS Saturday? Awwwww....Valentines day!